Spice Up Your WWE Survivor Series Party With Our Fantasy Draft Game

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Still not really feeling Survivor Series despite the brand split? Looking for another reason to watch November’s tradition and need more than just Bragging Rights? Have a seat, take a load off, I’ve got just the recipe to raise the stakes of the least important of the most important pay-per-views. November’s brand-shared event is already being billed as “Fantasy Warfare,” we might as well go all in. I proudly introduce to you Survivor Series: Fantasy Fantasy Warfare. Here’s how it works:

Grab nine wrestling friends with a little bit of disposable income and a love for drafting. Decide the draft order and buy-in in whatever way you see fit, though the draft slots should look like this:

Team 1 — 1, 20, 26
Team 2 — 2, 16, 29
Team 3 — 3, 13, 30
Team 4 — 4, 18, 25
Team 5 — 5, 15, 27
Team 6 — 6, 19, 22
Team 7 — 7, 11, 28
Team 8 — 8, 17, 21
Team 9 — 9, 14, 23
Team 10 — 10, 12, 24

Note that you are only drafting members of the classic Survivor Series teams and tag teams count as one pick. I guess you could waste your pick on The Brian Kendrick if you want but that would be a terrible plan made even worse by you picking The Man With a Plan. The scoring system breaks down like so:

A member of your team is the sole survivor? 5 points.
A member of your team survives (but is not the only winning member of their team)? 3 points.
A member of your team scores a pinfall or submission victory? 1 point.
A member of your team gets disqualified? -1 point.

Perhaps your strategy is to load up on those you think will definitely survive (Sasha, Charlotte, Rollins), but what if they don’t score any pinfalls? Maybe you shoot for the stars (not Shining Stars, though, they are gonna get you 0 points) and grab a Braun Strowman in hopes he goes on a run and nets you a couple of pinfalls plus some survivor points? Do you go with a defensive approach and stack your squad with wrestlers you know won’t get disqualified and are likely to hang around and be a member of the winning team?

Followers on Twitter and Facebook had the Shining Stars, Hype Brothers, Alicia Fox, and (wait for it … ) Bray Wyatt on the bottom of their list. The top was some combination of Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Chris Jericho and (wait for it … ) Braun Strowman!

My top 5 and bottom 5 look like this:

1. Charlotte
2. Kevin Owens
3. Seth Rollins
4. AJ Styles
5. Sasha Banks

Then …

26. FreezeDango
27. Hype Bros
28. Carmella
29. Alicia Fox
30. Shining Stars

So many strategies! Share yours in the comments!

Chris Trew is professional wrestling’s future manager of the decade and a comedian living in New Orleans. Follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat with the username @ChrisTrew

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