Karl Anderson Talked About The Club Making The Most Of Bad WWE Comedy

The Club of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are currently the Raw Tag Team Champions, but their role of “lose to Roman Reigns by himself” hasn’t done much to silence the grumbling of fans who say they’ve been misused since jumping to WWE from New Japan. The former Bullet Club originals have spent most of their time since the brand split pretending to be doctors for Big E’s NUTS and goofing around with The New Day in general.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Karl Anderson discussed the different direction the Club has taken since splitting from AJ Styles, and that good or bad, the Good Brothers 4 Life try to take what they’re given and make the most of it. The important thing is that they’re having fun!

“You know we came in and jumped the barricade, beat up the Usos. That was cool. Then the next week in England we jumped the barricade and beat up the WWE Champion Roman Reigns. We did our thing for a little while, they put us with AJ, and AJ was doing his own thing – and of course because AJ is AJ Styles, probably the best performer in the world. I think Gallows and I helped AJ morph himself into what he is now, being cool and doing what AJ does.

“Then they took us down a different path when the brand split happened and we were dressing up like doctors and carrying Big E’s — well I guess they were eggs in a jar. Some people were saying ‘Hey man this is pretty weird. I don’t know if you should be doing this.’ If you could see me and Gallows in the back trying to do these things without laughing, it was fun. We’re brothers who will do things if you write them for us, we’ll do them as best as we possibly can. Some of the stuff was silly and a couple of things didn’t stick and they weren’t funny. I think there was an ‘Old Day’ segment that I think we took some heat for. We’re gonna do what’s written for us and we’re gonna try to to it the best we can. WWE is exactly what it is, at the end of the day it’s entertainment man. They’re gonna write something for us and we’re gonna try our hardest to do it. We like where we’re at now, and I feel like Gallows and I can talk with the best of em if we get a chance.”

And in case you need a refresher:

Yep, that’s the stuff. It’s great that Anderson has such a positive take on it. I guess the lesson here is that we shouldn’t take things so seriously? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, JERKS. I’M WRITING MY CONGRESSPERSON TO DEMAND KEVIN OWENS RETAINS THE UNIVERSAL TITLE AT FASTLANE.

(h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)