Booty-O’s Is Now A Real, Actual WWE Cereal That You Can Eat With Your Human Mouth

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07.22.16 9 Comments


The New Day is one of the most popular acts in WWE. During WrestleMania weekend, they sold more merchandise than any other performer in the company. They are consistently one of the most talked-about segments each week on Raw. And for several months now, they’ve been hawking a fake cereal called Booty-O’s. The bit is so popular that their spectacular WrestleMania entrance this year had them emerging from a gigantic box of the fictional cereal, dressed as Dragonball Z characters. (Wrestling contains multitudes.)

In case you forgot, The New Day “unveiled” Booty-O’s back in March, at the Roadblock special on the WWE Network.

You can rest easy, because on Thursday, The New Day revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con that Booty-O’s are fake no more. Big E had the following to say at the panel, according to IGN:

“It’s a very real thing. The cereal actually tastes phenomenal. It really does. We just tried it a couple days ago. It’s real.”

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