Yet Another WWE Tough Enough Cast Member Has Asked For Their Release

In the latest edition of “MIZ WAS RIGHT” watch 2017, another former contestant from the most recent edition of WWE’s Tough Enough competition show has asked for their release, and presumably received it. The two most recent releases before today among the surprising amount of Tough Enough signees were actual contest winner Sara Lee (whom nobody doesn’t like) and spectacularly divisive fan “favorite” ZZ.

On Friday, Mada Abdelhamid — who made it just over halfway through the season and was one of the only male contestants to have a legitimate personality and charisma — announced via Twitter that he had asked for his release, and is looking forward to future projects.

Believe it or not, Mada has been under contract and stationed at the WWE Performance Center since October 28, 2015. He never made it to NXT television, but based on following his Snapchat account over the past year, he worked out a lot, ate a bunch of grilled veggies, and loved taking his kids to Disney World. The perfect life, essentially.

I would be very interested to see whether Mada sticks with professional wrestling, and I would certainly pay to see him perform on the indie scene and see what he’s picked up from WWE over the past year-plus. He was one of the standouts from that season, and it seems like he has a lot of potential, if he’s still motivated to be a wrestler.

For those keeping track at home, the Tough Enough signees who are still around: Daria Berenato, Mandy Rose, and Patrick Clark, who have all made it to NXT television (if not in a permanent or significant capacity), and male contest winner Josh Bredl, who has wrestled at NXT live events as Bronson Matthews and has dealt with injuries since signing.