WWE Tribute To The Troops Musical Performances, Ranked From Best To Worst

12.14.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

If there’s one thing WWE loves, it’s blind-ass patriotism. This company was built off the idea of the big, strong American fighting off the evil foreigner (or, in the case of Sgt. Slaughter, something even worse — a defector). So it’s no surprise that its annual Tribute To The Troops has existed in one form or another since 2003.

Originally, WWE would send its stars to military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, then in 2010, they realized, “Oh, hey, we’re sending our A-list talent to actual war zones, maybe we should slow our roll a smidge.” It was at that point that the idea of special musical guests entered the equation. And hoo boy, have some of these performances been special.

With the 2017 edition of Tribute To The Troops, featuring MGK (presumably not being powerbombed off the stage by Kevin Owens, so who cares), airing this Thursday on USA Network as part of the annual WWE Week, what better time to revisit every musical performance in the show’s history? We’ll start off with the best and (very quickly) move onto the worst.

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