Tye Dillinger’s Debut On WWE Smackdown Live Was A Perfect 10

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04.04.17 6 Comments

Perhaps no performer in the history of NXT as a promotion has been more respected or beloved than Tye Dillinger. The veteran wrestler has been off and on with WWE since 2006, and has been a fixture in NXT since 2013. He’s a former FCW tag team champion, and has been used in pretty much every role, including a stint as “Gavin Spears” during the ECW reboot.

Fans have been wanting him to get his day in the sun for a long time, especially after he adopted the “Perfect 10” gimmick in 2015. His popularity has been steadily rising among NXT and WWE fans alike ever since, and it even netted him a perfect spot in this year’s Royal Rumble. Alas, he was not called up after that surprise entry, and his attempts to capture the NXT Championship were for naught.

Dillinger was recently embroiled in a bitter feud with Eric Young’s SAnitY faction, and he wound up on the losing end of that feud, as his team took the loss in an eight-man war on Saturday night at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

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