The Undertaker Is Now Using Crutches To Get Around In Public

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10.13.16 23 Comments

The Undertaker hasn’t been seen on WWE television since winning his WrestleMania 32 Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon. You remember that match. It was the one where everyone laid around until it was time for Shane to do something reckless. After that match, Undertaker was announced for a WWE UK tour, but after a lot of updates and rumors and scuttlebutt, he got pulled from those dates. While it’s no surprise that Undertaker has long been feeling the effects of a 30-plus-year wrestling career, it appears even the Dead Man is having mortality catch up to him.

Undertaker was recently spotted and photographed in a couple places using crutches to get around, as you can see clearly in this Starbucks photo and kind of clearly in the following gas station photo.

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