More Details Have Emerged About WWE’s Upcoming Women’s Tournament

05.05.17 12 months ago 17 Comments

As reported by PWInsider, new details have apparently been revealed about WWE’s much-anticipated women’s tournament set for later this year. Though very little has officially been announced, more and more rumours are coming out as the focus is finally free to shift from the UK tournament to this one.

Tourney filming will supposedly take place in July at Full Sail, just like the Cruiserweight Classic tapings. Much like the cruiserweights, WWE has promised a heavy international focus, with 17 countries being represented. Stardom’s Kairi Hojo has already been scooped up by WWE, and Io Shirai has already had her tryout. Kimber Lee and Ruby Riot (née Heidi Lovelace) have already settled into their NXT contracts with the goal of being featured in the tournament as well. WWE is currently finishing up the background checks for the remaining women not already under contract.

Much like the other tournaments WWE has run in the past year, the finale of the women’s is planned to be a live special on the Network. PWInsider is saying it will take place on August 29th, though it’s not known how it will compete with the other Tuesday night programming, like SmackDown Live and 205 Live. While nothing is set in stone, we can safely say every tidbit of news has us staying Mojo Rawley-levels of hype.

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