Construction Has Already Begun For WrestleMania In Orlando

Somehow, WrestleMania 33 is just over a week away. The host city of Orlando is already all-in on promoting the weeklong event, as you might expect. They erected a massive WWE Championship in a public park a little while ago, and they’re encouraging people to come hang out a bit before events get started so they can check out the attractions. (I know, I know; attractions in Orlando? Perish the thought.)

But a big part of the annual ritual at this point is trying your damnedest to get a sneak peek at that juicy WrestleMania set. It’s always impressive, even if you end up sitting right behind a big fake palm tree. Luckily, it appears that other trend is continuing: namely, construction workers and/or stadium employees who are wrestling fans and will gladly take a cell phone picture.

The first glimpse has emerged of this year’s construction, and … well, it tells us absolutely nothing, except that the stage is going to be massive (which we could have assumed), and that it will take the better part of two weeks to complete.

Now, I could be going out on a limb here, but I think there’s a very strong chance there will be some sort of “sun” motif in the WrestleMania 33 set. Just purely speculation on my part.