WWE May Be Headed Back To Florida (Again) For WrestleMania 36


With WrestleMania 35 in New Jersey (“New York”) just around the corner, the “where will WWE hold WrestleMania 36?” conversations and rumors are starting up. Minnesota is brought up, but so far has been the bridesmaid, and never a bride. Sorry, Minnesota, in advance.

According to Brad Shepard and the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast — which would actually still be a great name for an informative podcast if it wasn’t a wrestling thing — the favorite for 2020’s WrestleMania is, stop us if you’ve heard this before, Florida. Yep, the same state that hosted WrestleMania 24 (Orlando), WrestleMania 28 (Miami), WrestleMania 31 (Santa Clara), and WrestleMania 33 (Orlando). WWE loves it some Florida.

“They did note that Florida keeps getting kicked around a lot lately even though they’ve done Orlando twice, they’ve done Maimi and you know, it just doesn’t seem like there is anything serious going on about Minnesota. So nothing concrete on Minnesota being an option so I did want to at least report that because it’s out there that Minnesota is the destination.”

All the yearly talking points are the same. WWE wants to run places that can guarantee them good weather for the event, so they’re mostly sticking to the south and California. Then they go back to their “home” (New York) for a year, then back down south. Plus, hey, what better way to get The Rock to show up at your WrestleMania than running it in his hometown of Miami again? Thrice in a lifetime, here we come!

Don’t worry, California. Once those new stadiums are up in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, WWE will definitely bring you another Mania or two.