WWE’s Already Wink-Winking And Nudge-Nudging About The Possibility Of Hiring Bill Simmons

The Sports Guy is dead, long live The Sports-Entertainment Guy.

In case you missed it, the contentious relationship between ESPN and personality Bill Simmons finally came to an end last week when ESPN opted to not renew Simmons’ contract. Simmons will leave the network, Grantland and a variety of other projects to … well, we aren’t totally sure yet, but it involves hanging out at basketball games, so it’s probably fine.

WWE, of course, is already sending out feelers. Sort of.

Simmons is a long-time wrestling fan and has worked with WWE on several occasions, from sitting in the crowd and making faces at SummerSlam to actually calling a match on Monday Night Raw. He got a lot of acclaim for his color commentary spot, which you can watch here:

So, what do you think? Does Bill Simmons have a future at WWE? And if so, can we combine his WWE future with Ronda Rousey’s and get him thrown around on pay-per-view?