WWE’s Daniel Bryan Stopped a Burglar Because He Is Still The Best In The World

Daniel Bryan may be off of television for the foreseeable future, but that’s not stopping him from getting physical (oh god oh god be careful oh god) to prevent a home invasion.

According to an Arizona ABC affiliate, Bryan spotted the door to his house opening from the inside as he arrived home with his wife (WWE’s Brie Bella) this past Monday. Bryan chased after two men on foot, catching one of them, 22-year-old Cesar Sosa. Bryan struggled with, then detained Sosa, because apparently Sosa either didn’t know who he was robbing, or thinks wrestling is fake and they have the athleticism of a 29-year old blogger (shh, no one you know).

Sosa has been booked by the Phoenix Police Department, but the second suspect remains at large. We can only assume he’s studying tape and trying to figure out how to steal KENTA’s moveset for next time.


Fox 10 News held a press conference with Bryan, Brie, and most importantly their dog Josie to discuss the incident. In addition to running down the events of the burglary and ensuing chase, Bryan also gives an update on his current health, as well as revealing that he’ll need another neck surgery to correct further damage in his neck.