WWE’s Definitive Guide To White People Dancing To Wiz Khalifa

The three hours of Monday Night Raw are probably my peak period of activity on Twitter. Like a lot of you, I like to crack jokes at various aspects of the show, whether it’s R-Truth’s “izzle” tally for the evening or Lilian Garcia occasionally forgetting how spoken language works. Somewhere along the line, I realized, “Hey, I write for a notable-ish wrestling site. I can take some of these ideas farther now.” Last night, when I sarcastically tweeted about With Spandex’s inevitable coverage of audience members dancing to Wiz Khalifa’s performance at Raw, my superiors and I realized that this was actually a thing that should happen. Therefore, with no further ballyhoo, here are today’s essential GIFs of wrestling fans attempting to dance:

Woman: “Honey, what are you doing?”
Man: “Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

The camera caught this lady perfectly lip-syncing twice, so she’s probably That Girl You Went To College With Who Somehow Knew All The Hip-Hop Songs. You remember her, don’t lie.

Just a wild guess, but she’s probably picking an Instagram filter here.

The guy eternally shoving popcorn in his mouth is my spirit animal.

No silly dancing to see here. Just some perfect sign placement. Gotta wonder about the mask, though. Maybe this is some hater luchador trying to break into the business. El Hijo Del Silky Johnson? And finally…

No words. They should have sent a poet.

I’d like to conclude this by saying that we’re obviously just having fun here. But just in case a stormy debate about race relations in 2015 should break out in the comments section, I’m going to seal myself in the Uproxx Fortified Social Media Bunker* until South By Southwest, where you can find me in the audience of at least one Run The Jewels show.

*Waffle House in Owasso, Okla.