WWE’s Paige Named Her Intergender Dream Matches, And They’re All Great

MTV UK is really into making me like British WWE performers a whole lot more than I already do, apparently. After Wade Barrett used his smarmy Bad News voice to talk about The Stone Roses and make my heart beat a little bit faster, Paige fielded Twitter questions about her dream opponents.

She said that facing Emma at WrestleMania is a dream, but also that she would love to face Stephanie McMahon:

“I think she’s the most incredible woman ever on the microphone, and she can kick some booty in the ring, as we saw when she faced Brie Bella. I would love to go up against her, it would be absolutely fantastic and obviously it is another dream of mine to face the ultimate female McMahon. Hopefully in the future.”

After a really disappointing episode of WWE Inbox that would have us believe that Trish Stratus is the only good female wrestler to exist before now, seeing Paige talk about which male wrestler she’d want to work with is almost refreshing:

“STONE COLD! That’s it, Stone Cold. I would love to have something with him. Or maybe Dean Ambrose. Or Bray. No, no… Bray. Stone Cold, Dean or Bray Wyatt. I would take any of them on, yes.”

Imagine any of those. Get the toxic, cultivated ideas of men vs. women out of your head and imagine what Paige could do in a program with Bray Wyatt. I mean, I don’t want intergender matches for the sake of subverting a trope or to prove anything, but I’m super into the idea of like 10 different feuds that Paige and Dean Ambrose could have. It’s exciting! And I think we can all agree that most of what’s happening in WWE either with the guys or the girls just… isn’t that.

Click here to watch the full video (and Paige aggressively defending the sanctity of British Food) while I retire to my brand new happy place.