WWE’s Teaming Up With Mortal Kombat For A New Video Game. Finish Him, Maggle!

You’ve enjoyed a lot of wrestling games that let you pin Hulk Hogan. How about a game that lets you kill Hulk Hogan?

Via Joystiq:

WWE is partnering with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios to create a new spin on the wrestling company’s brand of brawling, WWE Immortals. The game will launch on iOS and Android devices for free next year, and will feature “epic Superstar battles in a fantastically re-imagined WWE world.” …

While no other details are known about WWE Immortals, NetherRealm will handle the development in conjunction with Phosphor Game Studios. Phosphor is the developer behind first-person survival shooter Nether and The Dark Meadow, a creepy mobile adventure game. WWE has found ways to capitalize on its wrestling roster in the mobile space this year, as the company launched trading card battler WWE SuperCard in August, reaching 1.5 million downloads in its first week.

I think a WWE Mortal Kombat is something we could all get behind, especially if, like, Big Show can KO punch someone’s head off. Do a special combination and he punches off their head three times. Think of the possibilities! Kofi Kingston could botch and accidentally do a fatality in the middle of a round. The Miz’s fatality could be not catching his opponent on a dive.

Of course, ‘WWE Immortals’ being a mobile game dulls the excitement a little. If you’ve played Supercard (or you’re STILL playing it for some reason) you know WWE mobile games are freemium nonsense with no point or end game. The thrill of getting a picture of Naomi with a yellow background instead of a purple one shouldn’t be worth ten bucks, but here we are. That said, I’m a grandpa and WWE’s console games aren’t much better.

No lie, though; if WWE gives me a game where I can elbow drop someone so hard their torso explodes, I’m in.