Xavier Woods’ Achilles Tendon Injury Is Reportedly Serious

We reported yesterday that Xavier Woods suffered an injury during a tag match with Big E against the Revival at a Live Event on WWE’s Australian tour. Although Xavier had tweeted about the injury by then, we didn’t have much information, and WWE had yet to comment.

WWE has since posted on their website that Xavier injured his Achilles tendon, but they offered no further information, just a standard-issue “Stay with WWE.com as more details on Woods’ condition become available.”

Naturally, the Wrestling Observer is already offering further details, specifically that the injury is believed to be serious:

Word going around WWE is that the Xavier Woods injury is bad. The company has officially reported an Achilles injury, without saying a tear, but the word going around it is that it is a tear, which is an injury that usually has a very long recuperation period after surgery.

Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the injury could take as long as nine months to heal.

Wrestling Inc points out that NXT Superstar Riddick Moss was recently out of action for five months with a torn Achilles tendon, although initial projections were that he’d be out for eight months. It would be a shame to be without Xavier Woods for that long, but obviously he should take as much time as he needs to fully heal.