YES! Daniel Bryan Won’t Require A Second Neck Surgery And Could Make The Royal Rumble

08.04.14 5 years ago 32 Comments

Finally, something to YES about. Shortly after Daniel Bryan’s career culminated in a dramatic WWE World Heavyweight title win at Wrestlemania, he and his fans were dealt a series of heavy blows. Around a month after the big title win, Bryan would reveal he needed neck surgery, but he and WWE remained hopeful for a quick recovery. Unfortunately that wouldn’t happen, and Bryan would have to relinquish the title. Worse, there was talk of continuing arm weakness and the need for multiple neck surgeries, which raised the spectre that Bryan would suffer the fate of stars like Edge, and have to cut his career short while it was still at it’s peak.

Well, thankfully things are looking up. Not only is Daniel Bryan now a bonafide crime-buster, but according to the Figure Four Weekly newsletter, the weakness in his arm is not a result of a damaged neck, but rather a nerve issue in Bryan’s elbow, and any additional surgery will be on his elbow, not the neck. Not that a nerve issue in the elbow is nothing, but it mostly takes those nasty career-threatening implications off the table.

This new prognosis also means Bryan’s return has been moved up from, “Uh, shit, we have no idea” to possibly the Royal Rumble. Of course there is a very good chance another shoe could drop between now and January, but as of now, it sounds like the 2015 Rumble may have a surprise entrant a hell of a lot more exciting than f*cking Kevin Nash again.

via Fansided & Figure Four Weekly

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