Yoshi Tatsu Has Recovered From His Broken Neck And Recently Returned To Wrestling Training

How about a little good news to balance some of the stories of the last week? A few months back, we showed you some graphic footage of Naofumi Yamamoto (WWE’s Yoshi Tatsu) taking a bad bump during a Styles Clash, which resulted in a broken neck. A couple months later, we updated you on Yamamoto’s condition, and the details were fairly horrific. Fluids leaking out of skull holes kind of horrific.

Thankfully, it seems as though Yamamoto has turned the corner, and may even be able to return to wrestling. The halo brace is now off, and he recently returned to the ring for some light training at I Believe in Wrestling’s Florida training dojo. You can check out some photos of Yamamoto looking much healthier and happier than when we last saw him below…


Hopefully Yamamoto stays clear of any future Styles Clashes and manages to make a full recovery.

via SEScoops