You Can Blame Derek Jeter For The John Cena Character

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is drawing to a close, and the Derek Jeter tributes are intensifying. Everyone’s stopping by to say YEAH JEET. When I say everyone, yes, I also mean KISS.

WWE’s contribution to this trend are two interesting interviews; one with The Big Show, one with John Cena. Show’s is basically a commercial. “Derek Jeter is great. He is also very good. Some would say he’s the best player in history. Others, a God. I would personally lay down my life for the hero Derek Jeter.” Cena’s in his full, understated “serious business, jack” voice and says he’ll speak for Jeter: he’s a class act, and someone Cena tries to emulate.

I am now holding Derek Jeter personally responsible for John Cena.

Note: my favorite part is when Cena says he admires how Jeter doesn’t “speak loudly of himself” while wearing a shirt, hat and collectable wristbands that all say JOHN CENA DOESN’T EVER GIVE UP on them.