You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching Randy Orton Hurt Strangers In The Best Of ‘RKO Vines’

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw featured one of the best “from outta nowhere” Randy Orton finishes ever: a powerbomb tossed into an alley-oop RKO.

It was good timing for a cool RKO, too, as Orton’s finisher has suddenly become the Internet’s hottest Vine meme. You might’ve seen a few of them already, with people editing in a goofy Randy Orton to finish off pretty much anyone who’s fallen down on video. Thankfully @TheRkoVines has collected them all, and because I love you, scroll down to watch a few of my favorites.

Note: The melodramatic RKO calls make them so much better. Stick around for the one at the end to see him RKO a guy off the roof of a moving car.