WWE May Have Signed Popular Youtube Personality Inanna Sarkis

World Wrestling Entertainment has shown a willingness to sign talent from anywhere this decade. It doesn’t matter what wrestling company they worked for before or what country. If they feel you can bring something different to the table, they are going to bring you in for a tryout and if you’re lucky, you may get signed. That also means they are willing to sign people that don’t even have a wrestling background, such as Kacy Catanzaro and Bsasio, who we reported had signed earlier this week.

Add another celebrity name to the list because WWE may have signed Inanna Sarkis. The following photo was posted by WWE on Instagram featuring Sarkis saying she was “COMING SOON” to WWE.

Does that mean she has signed a WWE developmental deal or was she just visiting? Sarkis posted two photos on Instagram as well.


Sarkis is a 24-year-old Canadian Youtube Personality that refers to herself as an Actress, Writer and Director on Twitter. Sarkis has 1.45 million subscribers on Youtube, 5.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.4 million Likes on Facebook. To use a wrestling term, she is over huge!

It’s easy to see why WWE would have interest in her because she has been very successful in developing her brand from the ground up. Adding people to the WWE roster that are ambitious, hard working and driven to succeed is exactly the type of people that WWE wants on their roster.

In other Sarkis news, as the tweet above shows, Sarkis has a Bulgarian mother. She can be an ally to Rusev since he seems to be representing Bulgaria alone all the time. Sounds like bad idea, right? Yeah well, so has most of the storylines Rusev has been a part of in the last few years.

For now, Sarkis to WWE is just a rumor so let’s treat it as such until they reveal more about whatever she was filming at the WWE Performance Center this week.