10 Burning Questions for Returning Fall TV Shows — Answered

As part of our fall TV preview, Dan and I came up with 10 Burning Questions For Returning Fall TV Shows, covering everything from whether “Homeland” could get its creative mojo back to whether “Agents of SHIELD” could maintain the improvement from the end of its first season.

We’re now almost to Thanksgiving, and the TV business will largely shut down between now and the new year. Expect lots of reruns for most network series – “Parenthood,” one of the shows we had questions about, won’t air another new episode until January 8 – while cable shows will be wrapping up their current seasons (or, in the case of something like “The Walking Dead,” half-seasons) over the next few weeks.

With that in mind, it seemed like a good time to revisit those questions to see how various shows made out. Take a look below for our thoughts.