‘A Gifted Man’ – ‘Pilot’: The ghost chatterer

Time constraints (on Dan’s part) and a lack of enthusiasm (on mine) prevented either Fienberg or I from offering a written review of “A Gifted Man,” but I did run my Margo Martindale interview this morning, and we discussed the show as the first segment on today’s podcast. Not ideal, but premiere week is not an ideal time.

To sum things up, Dan really admired the way Jonathan Demme’s direction of the pilot brought some grit and leavened the sap of the premise. I was less impressed by the direction and felt the show was tonally inconsistent, and didn’t particularly believe Patrick Wilson in the scenes where he was playing his character as a cold bastard in need of change. (On the other hand, the scenes where he’s with Jennifer Ehle or Mr. Noodle and opening himself up? He’s terrific.) And both of us are skeptical about the show going forward.

Now it’s your turn. For anyone who watched tonight, what did you think? You setting the season pass for this or not?