AMC cancels ‘Low Winter Sun’

Surprising absolutely no one, AMC has canceled “Low Winter Sun,” the Detroit-set cop drama that was ignored by viewers and dismissed by critics during its run this fall.

A remake of a British crime miniseries – with actor Mark Strong reprising his role from the original – “Low Winter Sun” was given a prime timeslot after the final half-season of “Breaking Bad.” This proved more curse than blessing, as the new show began losing such a huge percentage of the veteran show’s audience that AMC eventually pushed it back to 11 p.m. towards the end of its run, switching places with the ultra-cheap “Talking Bad.”

With the bad ratings, with “Hell on Wheels” renewed and with some other series and pilots in the pipeline after a relatively quiet development stretch for AMC, there was almost no chance “Low Winter Sun” was returning. That the news took this long, and came out after 5 on the East Coast on a Friday, was just an attempt to downplay the inevitable.

I stopped watching after either the third or the fourth episode, after it became clear that the show was doomed and I didn’t like it nearly enough to see it to the end. For those of you who stuck with it, was it a satisfying experience? Or just lots of more snarling and cliched talk about shades of gray?