‘Better Off Ted’: The last two episodes are here! (Just not on TV)

Hey, remember those two “Better Off Ted” episodes that weren’t aired before ABC canceled the show, and that were going to air in June if the NBA Finals didn’t go to a Game 7? Well, unfortunately, the Lakers and Celtics just wanted to keep playing and playing, and ABC never rescheduled the episodes, and with the new TV season about to begin in a few weeks, it doesn’t look like they’ll air anytime soon in this country. (Both aired in Australia a few weeks ago.)

But there is now a legal means of seeing both, as they were released to iTunes this morning. (One of them is also on Amazon’s video on demand service.) UPDATE: And if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can stream both of them.

So go enjoy your last rush of Veronica, Lem, Phil and company. Haven’t had a chance to watch yet myself, but hopefully there’s a Veridian Dynamics commercial or two in there.