Fall TV revisited: What new shows have you stuck with?

11.03.10 7 years ago 212 Comments


Because of election coverage, last night was a pretty slow night for scripted network TV. And since I’d already seen all my Tuesday cable shows in advance via screeners, and since the Knicks game was canceled due to a false alarm about asbestos (typical freakin’ Knicks; just as they’re starting to improve, it looks like the arena itself is toxic), I decided to do an inventory of the new network shows and figure out which ones I still cared about.

And the answer is none.

There are some I intend to keep checking into from time to time to see if they’ve improved (“No Ordinary Family,” “Running Wilde”) or because they’re just good enough that I don’t mind having them on while doing other things (“Hawaii Five-0,” “Raising Hope”), but there aren’t any I’m attached to, and none I would probably be sticking with at all if this wasn’t my job.

But that shouldn’t be a surprise. I came into September saying this wasn’t a good network development season, that the clear two best rookies of the fall were on cable (“Boardwalk Empire” and “Terriers,” both of which I still love), and that the only network newbie I was really invested in was “Lone Star” – and we all know what happened with “Lone Star.” And while my taste certainly doesn’t overlap with the majority of Americans (see the ratings for “Terriers”), I haven’t been alone in my apathy, as there hasn’t been a real break-out hit among the new crop.

We’re at a point in the season where most of the decisions have been made about which shows are already dead (“Outlaw,” “My Generation”), which will be around for a while (“Blue Bloods,” “Mike & Molly”) and which are just running out the string until their networks can find something better to replace them with (“Undercovers,” “Running Wilde”). So I’m curious what new shows, be they network or cable, you guys have picked up and intend to stick with for as long as they’re around (or until they take a turn for the worse, quality-wise), and why you’re a fan of that particular show or shows.

As always, no judgment here, folks. If somebody sings the praises of a show you find to be an abomination, you can note your disagreement without attacking the other commenter as history’s worst monster.

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