Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 103: Comedy catch-up

Senior Television Writer
11.21.11 10 Comments

As a bookend to last week’s Firewall & Iceberg Podcast drama catch-up, Dan and I decided to check in on how we’re feeling about a whole bunch of comedies right now, which means another mega-podcast touching on lots and lots of shows, plus a brief revisit of “Homeland” in light of what happened in last night’s episode.

The line-up:

“How I Met Your Mother” (01:35 – 10:50)
“2 Broke Girls” (10:50 – 19:05)
“New Girl” (19:05 – 25:00)
“Suburgatory” (25:00 – 30:05)
“Modern Family” (30:05 – 34:50)
Justin Verlander winning AL MVP (34:50 – 37:50)
“Happy Endings” (38:05 – 42:50)
The shelving of “Cougar Town” and “Community” (42:50 – 52:00)
“Community” (52:00 – 01:01:25)
“Parks and Rec” (01:01:30 – 01:08:50)
“The Office” (01:08:50 – 01:19:14)
“Always Sunny” (01:19:20 – 01:23:55)
Listener Mail: Miscasting vs. Bad acting (01:23:55 – 01:28:45)
“Homeland” (01:28:50 – 01:38:00)
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