Firewall & Iceberg podcast, episode 15: Community, Friday Night Lights, The Shield and more

Senior Television Writer
05.05.10 19 Comments


Time for the first of what will hopefully be many Firewall & Iceberg podcasts with Dan and I both working here at HitFix.
No matter who employs us, however, we still have the occasional technical bug, but hopefully those issues won’t be as noticeable to you as you listen as they were to us as we recorded. On the agenda this week: 
“American Idol” — 02:15 – 05:20
“Community” — 05:20 – 13:20
Reader Mail/”Friday Night Lights” on NBC — 13:50 – 25:00
“Lost” — 25:10 – 35:15
Dan finally watches “The Shield” — 35:45 – 47:22
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You can also download the podcast here, or else go to Dan’s blog to stream it.

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