Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 15

05.05.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for the first Firewall & Iceberg Podcast with me and Alan Sepinwall under the same professional roof.
Unfortunately, we aren’t under the same literal roof, so there were a couple Skype-based problems this week, but nothing catastrophic.
In addition to the usual time on “American Idol” (less and less each week) and “Lost,” we also spent a lot of time on “Community,” the return of “Friday Night Lights” and, because I just finished my marathon series viewing, “The Shield.”

Here’s the breakdown…
“American Idol” — 02:15 – 05:20
“Community” — 05:20 – 13:20
Reader Mail/Return of “Friday Night Lights” — 13:50 – 25:00
“Lost” — 25:10 – 35:15
“The Shield” — 35:45 – 47:22
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And here’s this week’s podcast…

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