‘iZombie’ Blows Up Its Status Quo With Its Season Three Finale

Senior Television Writer
06.27.17 5 Comments


A review of the iZombie season three finale coming up just as soon as I choose the wrong time to clean my Glock…

Both the first and second seasons of iZombie were defined largely by big action set pieces (Major’s assault on Meat Cute, the zombie massacre at the Max Rager party), and I kept waiting for “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2” to offer up its equivalent. But instead of an elaborately choreographed shootout, the finale went and blew up the entire show by infecting a good chunk of Seattle’s population, then publicly revealing the existence of zombies.

I emailed Rob Thomas a few questions about why he, Diane Ruggiero-Wright, and the other writers did this, and what the show is now. His answers suggest it will still have a murder mystery component, but one that takes place in an entirely new world. If it’s not quite (to borrow a phrase from another Thomas show) hard sci-fi, it sounds like the fourth season will have to reckon with how life in Seattle (and elsewhere) would change if the existence of relatively benign zombies was known to anyone and everyone. The moment in the climactic montage where a re-zombified Major begins scratching hospital patients, for instance, opens up a huge can of worms about people looking to the zombie virus as a cure for incurable ailments, and Thomas says that will be part of the story now.

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