Let’s talk about the ‘Life in Pieces’ premiere

I didn't have time to write a review of CBS' “Life in Pieces,” though Dan and I discussed it – and the many ways it resembles “Modern Family” – on last week's podcast. For anyone who watched tonight, what did you think? It's a great cast, but do you think they were given funny things to do? Do you think the structure of telling one short story at a time differentiates it enough from “Modern Family,” even with Jason Winer directing, or was it too slavish a rip-off? And will you watch again?

Have at it. I wasn't particularly amused by this pilot (the funniest part was Jordan Peele's cameo, and I don't expect him around every week), but I like these actors enough that I may revisit the show later in the season – assuming the “Big Bang Theory” audience doesn't just reject it outright.