‘Rubicon’ – ‘Gone in the Teeth’ & ‘The First Day of School’: Puzzle palace

Press tour time demands are going to prevent me from writing much about the two-hour “Rubicon” premiere beyond what I wrote in Thursday’s pre-season review. But even if I had unlimited time, I’m not sure what else I’d have to say at this point. I love James Badge Dale, love the look (courtesy of Michael Slovis), love the atmosphere and the idea of intelligence analysis as something that will drive you nuts, and am waiting for the plot to materialize.

For both people who watched the pilot when AMC sneak-previewed it and those who came to both episodes for the first time tonight, what did you think? And given that creator Jason Horwitch left after the pilot and was replaced as showrunner by Henry Bromell, did you notice a significant difference in tone, story or anything else between the two episodes?

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