A Guy Won A Cambodian MMA Fight With The Walls Of Jericho

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.03.13 16 Comments

mma boston crab walls of jericho

Last week we wrote about a soccer player named Wang Shouting so I can’t say it’s the best name we’ve heard, but “Von Savy” is about as cool a name as a fighter can get. He should be going up against Little Mac.

On top of the name, Von Savy is savvy enough to not only win his Cambodian MMA fights, but to do so with pro wrestling finishing holds. Here he is tapping out Bun Mang to a straight-up Boston Crab, aka the Walls Of Jericho. If this isn’t an excuse to get Chris Jericho into Cambodian MMA (to complain that he invented all the moves Von Savy uses) I don’t know what is. Fozzy’s going on tour again soon, right? Can they go to Cambodia?

Anyway, the move starts at about the 5:40 mark. Play this in the background for best results.

This was cool, but like always, I wish he would’ve put a knee in Bun Mang’s back and gone for the old school Liontamer.

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