Finally, UFC Explained In A Way I Can Understand

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.14.11 2 Comments

Before today, my only knowledge of shootfighting came from when Buddy Hinton picked on Cindy Brady for lisping and Peter goes into training to kick his ass.

Thankfully, lookoutawhale and Chaplin’s House have boiled down the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship to a ‘Brady Bunch’ parody theme with animated cartoon graphics and I’m finally able to provide the analytical MMA insight you expect from a mainstream sports blog. Brock Lesnar’s going to try to reason with that bully Alistair Overeem but it won’t work, so Brock’ll punch a lisp into him and send him back to WWE, right? And then Brock will sit on the cage wall and yell “BABY TALK BABY TALK IT’S A WONDER YOU CAN TALK”.

Wait, that’s still not right, is it? Ugh, fake fighting is so much easier to understand.

[via CagePotato]

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