Hulk Hogan Wants To Fight Fallon Fox

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03.26.13 3 Comments

Hulk Hogan Fallon Fox

I’m not sure what world we’re living in where pro wrestling legend, reality television star and breastauranteur Hulk Hogan comes close to being the voice of reason, but all right.

Because “celebrity news” is a really loosely-defined thing, a reporter stopped Hulk Hogan and wrestling manager Jimmy Hart at LAX and asked them what they thought of Fallon Fox, the trangender MMA fighter who was born a man, became a woman, and is facing a hell of a lot of grief trying to MMA with other women. MMA can be a verb, right? Anyway, the Hulkster is a notoriously dishonest fellow — please consult the story where he killed the 2,000 pound Andre the Giant by body slamming him for more information on that — and he runs a f**king breastaurant, so he’s the very definition of the American Heterosexual Caucasian Male. He’s Guy Fieri with a gym membership.

Here’s what Hogan had to say:

That’s about as enlightened as a Hulk Hogan conversation is gonna get, right? Two things:

1. Hogan goes for the “her … I mean her! I mean him! Oh, my medication!” joke, but the optimist in me thinks that Hogan hears “transgender fighter” and his brain never goes to that place where your blood starts boiling and you yell on the Internet about the physical differences in shoulder joints or whatever bullshit you’ve heard about science to justify your hatred of something you don’t understand, he just thinks “Adorable Adrian.” In his brain, Fallon Fox is a fat dude in a pink dress, aka “the easiest thing to get wrestling fans to boo.” So it’s not tolerant or progressive, necessarily, but he’s not gonna go into a cold anger sweat about how gross it is.

(Oh, and I love how Hogan wants to stop talking to this reporter, so he just starts naming off wrestling things. “I’ll pin her. Win by submission. Do the leg drop. Uh, win by count-out. Disqualification. Royal Rumble. GOODBYE FOREVER”)

2. Jimmy Hart’s response of “anybody that can make money, let’s use them” is carny as f**k, but it’s also the truth. If you want to look at it objectively, Fallon Fox will bring in ratings and get a bunch of media buzz for your promotion, so why not let her fight? You let Kimbo Slice fight, and that guy has the shoulder joints of a child and the bone density of a baby bird.

So if sometime next year we see Fallon Fox trying to pass a Gut Check on Impact with Al Snow being all, “eeeeh, I don’t know, this is a HE-SHE!” and the crowd pops, I’m sorry. But hey, go Jimmy Hart, I guess!

[h/t to Fight Promo, photo via Shutterstock]

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