Someone Stole Amy Weber's Laptop So She's Just Posting Naked Pictures Now

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11.01.12 23 Comments

In one of the stranger WWE Diva storylines in recent memory, Amy Weber was promoted from the WWE’s Diva Search to Smackdown!, on which she played Bradshaw’s “image consultant”, as well as valet/manager for The Cabinet’s Orlando Jordan and Basham Brothers. Weber, though, eventually quit the WWE because she claims she was being harassed by wrestlers and loathed the “frat house” atmosphere, so her departing storyline was that Bradshaw fired her because she accidentally shot him with a sleeping dart instead of the Big Show. Seriously, that was a plot line.

Anyway, the reason that I had to research all of that on a top secret website that only I know about is because Amy’s name is in the gossip news today and when I read it, I thought, “Who the hell is Amy Weber?” But since the news is that she’s releasing naked pictures, I felt compelled to find out who she was. Oh, and if you think she’s releasing these pictures for attention, you’re so wrong. She’s doing it because she’s brave.

Ex-WWE Diva Amy Weber had a full spread of naked photos on her laptop that got stolen last week — so rather than wait for some lowlife hacker to make money off “leaked” nude pics … she decided to release them for FREE!!!

Amy’s laptop was swiped from her car last Wednesday while she was playing with her kids at an L.A. park — and she tells us, the computer contained a nude spread she shot for Playboy that never made it to print.

Rather than sit and wait for the pics to surface on some seedy website, Weber tells us, she and her management team decided to release the photos on their own terms. (Via TMZ)

And Amy is wasting no time in getting those pictures out there to show the world that she’s not afraid of what some scumbag thieves may do with another person’s private property. So you can go ahead and visit… oh wait, no. Sorry, she hasn’t released the photos yet. She’s only leaked two of them to TMZ and they covered up the naughty bits. Gee, I wonder why she’s taking so long to post them. Maybe it’s because the thieves also had no clue who she is.

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