WWE Memorial Day Raw 5/27/13 Open Discussion Thread

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Tonight, on an episode of WWE Raw most of you will skip:

There’s a new Paul Heyman Guy in town, and that means things are about to get very interesting. With Curtis Axel now taking up the legacy of his father and grandfather under Heyman’s guidance, the potential for chaos has never been higher. While Heyman stirs the pot, a new kind of madness has taken over Team Hell No, and John Cena faces a morbid WWE Title rematch clause thanks to Ryback’s challenge.

Here are five things to look forward to on a Memorial Day Raw you’ll surely appreciate – including the first-ever Raw Post-Show, honoring Bret “Hit Man” Hart, exclusively on WWE App!

Our five-point preview:

1. The WWE.com headline is CAN AXEL KEEP ROLLING? Because, you know, having an established superstar call you a baby, slap you in the face so hard you can’t get up and defend yourself, dominate you in a match when he’s got a concussion or food poisoning or whatever and then only lost to you via technicality with it only being announced on the website is the start of a “roll.”

2. Tonight is A NEW WAY TO HONOR BRET HART via the WWE App, A New Way To Watch Television. Hopefully this will be a straight-up honoring of Bret, and not involve Curt/Curtis Axel wandering out, getting punched in the face, then running to Rajah WWF to report that he got a win over Bret Hart.

3. When Antonio Cesaro is taken off his feet with an RKO tonight, just before he hits the ground, I want you to imagine how much better off you’d be floating in somebody’s pool.

4. The Shield will use the DAMNED NUMBERS GAME to get another win in six-man tag action. We call it “the damned numbers game” because when you’re in a six-man tag, you’re supposed to stand with your hands behind your back and do nothing until you’re tagged in, or it’s “opportunistic.”

5. Paul Heyman is on the Highlight Reel tonight, so expect lots of jokes about how Chris Jericho thinks Curtis Axel’s name is Axel Foley, Demolition Axel, Fartis Axel and whatever else he can come up with.

We want to hear your comments during the show! I’ll put the top ten in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw report, so if you see a comment you like, reply to it with a +1. That’ll toss it into the pool for consideration.

Enjoy the show and/or the hot dogs, everybody.

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