WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/3/12: 2 Quick Reasons To Hate Cody Rhodes

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09.03.12 3,027 Comments

1. His favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory.

2. He says “chipolty” instead of chipotle.

Two quick reasons to love Kaitlyn:

1. Texas

2. Everything else

It’s Labor Day, which means nobody’s on the Internet and tonight’s Raw thread will only have 30 comments. This is your best-ever chance to get on the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column’s Top 10 Comments Of The Week, so stop by and post “that Jerry Lawler, what a child molester, am I right” and reap your rewards.

This week’s Raw preview, which basically says what everyone’s thinking: “There’s a lot of stuff happening on Raw, but we only really care about the anger management segments”.

Well, that’s one way to get respect, we suppose. WWE Champion CM Punk’s desire for vindication took a brutal turn for the worst last week when, in a Steel Cage Match, Punk pummeled Jerry “The King” Lawler into unconsciousness after the WWE Hall of Famer refused to acknowledge The Second City Saint as Best in the World. It took John Cena to stop the attack, and the WWE Universe seemed hesitant to give Punk the dues he covets, though, as the champion defiantly turned his back on Cena and strolled out of the arena without another word. With Cena set to challenge Punk for the WWE Title at Night of Champions per Raw General Manager AJ Lee, how will the reignited rivalry between the two play out when Raw reconvenes this week?

Also, anybody else really excited to see those anger collages? (via WWE.com)

Here’s WWE.com user Taylor Martin with further, unedited analysis:

cm punk i used to hate your guts i wouldnt have cared if u left and never came back but then one day u spoke your mind and i admired u for that u won the wwe title and u went from being hated to my favorite wrestler and there was alot of times that i thought u were the best in the world i dont think we would have been able to make it through the john laurinaitis era without u he was the worst gm in history he put u in so many unfair matches but u didnt complain u went out and did wat u had to do bc the best in the world likes a challenge but aj puts u in a triple threat match and u complain about defending your title wat the heck man and the week b4 john cena cashes in money in the bank he saves u from big show next week big show attacks john cena and u turn your back on him and when the rock decides ok if cm punk is goin to help i will u attack him i understand where your coming from about the rock but punk even u admitted not to long ago respect has to be earned and u earned mine 100% but with each passing week since u attacked the rock you have been losing my respect bro your the voice of the voiceless your suppose to speak for us but lately it seems u only speak for yourself and jerry lawler when he said u turned your back in the heat of that moment i thought u turned your back punk your my favorite wrestler please dont make me hate u again right now i think your the best in the world i would hate to be proven wrong i hope u do some serious soul searching my friend

This week’s column is just a picture of me throwing up my hands with a big “I AM NOT WWE’S TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC” under me in meme font.

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WWE Raw open discussion thread study questions:

1. What’s your favorite restaurant?

2. Something about picking your nose

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