Mikey Alfred Is All About Essentialism And Movement When It Comes To His New Collection

“The design philosophy is always essentialism […] essentialism is about only having the clearest vision and only putting what’s needed.”

Mikey Alfred’s guiding principle when it comes to putting together dope designs is his commitment to essentialism. That means avoiding the excess and keeping away the noise to create the best design possible.

Another driving force behind Mikey’s collaboration with Doritos is movement itself. “Moving and creating motion is inspiring,” says Mikey in the above video, passing along a nugget of wisdom that doubtlessly reflects the extreme sports background of BMX pro and content creator Nigel Sylvester (who brings an East Coast perspective to Mikey’s design process) and the spirit of those who rock streetwear and embody skate culture.

Mikey sees the power in symbols, shapes, and design as well, ruminating about his original illustration of the Illegal Civ Dino and how it came to symbolize his own ascendence. And now, Mikey is primed to make his own statement, taking things to another level thanks to this collaboration between Illegal Civilization and Doritos.

To learn more about Mikey Alfred’s design philosophy and what motivates Nigel Sylvester, watch the video above.