Vans Is Switching Things Up With A Winter Twist On The Classic Slip-On

Launched in 1966, the Vans slip-on is the original waffle bottomed skate shoe. And, in the intervening years, its popularity hasn’t waned. If anything, it’s only increased — giving rise to tons of innovative riffs on the classic. You can get them in leather, suede, and velvet. Heck, right now you can even get pairs with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang on them, and in the past there were Nintendo and Toy Story kicks from the Cali shoe makers.

The latest play on the legendary groove-shoe is a shoe to kick winter’s chill. In your face, wimpy canvas.

Vans kept the signature black and white checkerboard colorway that everyone knows and loves, and fabricated the outer entirely in fleece. The white rubber midsole and waffle outsole are still in full effect but these are way warmer. The company has actually done a sherpa insole with a suede outer before, but this is a lot more fun. It’s actually cool af to see the traditional shoe in such a unique textile. And, though it won’t protect you from snow or rain, it has you covered when it comes to the cold.

If you are interested in rocking the original slip-on skate shoe in toasty fleece to keep your toes comfy all winter long, you can purchase them from select retailers, like Renarts. But, be warned, they are selling out quickly and finding them in your size may mean having to scour the internet. They retail for $60.00.