Give Your Sneaker Game A 1-Up With Nintendo-Inspired Vans

Even “Damn, Daniel” would trade in his white Vans that he got a lifetime supply of to get his hands on a pair of these awesome kicks. According to Sole Collector, German-based sneaker store, 43 Einhalb leaked some information regarding a collaboration between Vans and Nintendo. Most of the shoes have graphics that will make any retro gamer’s heart flutter. There’s a pair featuring NES controllers, a classic 8-bit tribute to Duck Hunt, and even a Princess Peach pair. There’s something for every Nintendo fanboy or fangirl to drool over.

Vans and great collaborations go hand in hand. Recently, they partnered up with Disney, Star Warsand British design house, Eley Kishimoto. Like most Vans collaborations, Nintendo X Vans will feature their popular shoes (Sk8-Hi, Era, Old Skool, and Slip-Ons) with Nintendo graphics, plus a wide range of apparel and accessories. This is just a taste of what we’re going to get when Nintendo X Vans launches in June.

Vans aren’t the first shoe company to design sneakers from the golden age of video games. Last year, Japanese brand, ANIPPON released a slew of slip on shoes inspired by Sega consoles, but they were nothing compared to what we’re going to get from Vans next month.

Fingers crossed for some Kirby kicks!

(Via Sole Collector)