SNX: The Best Shoes Out This Week, Featuring The New Reflective YEEZYs

07.11.19 1 month ago


Thanks to last week’s holiday (and internet traffic killing) weekend, SNX has been a little bit off schedule and all over the place. We promise we’ll get back on our regular Wednesday schedule next week, but for now, you’re just going to have to deal if you want to be made aware of the five hottest sneakers dropping this week. I mean, could we spoil you any more than two SNX in one week? We can’t, and we won’t!

This week is pretty packed and we have love to show to Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and New Balance. I’m happy to say that I’m back to a position of having to make tough calls — as there’s an abundance of great drops. So let us take a moment to make mention of the coolest shoe that didn’t make the cut this week, the new Adidas Originals ZX Torsion BOOST. They’re worth checking out, but cuts had to be made!

Here are all the dopest sneakers dropping during the second week of July. Wow, summer is really flying by, too many shoes, too little time.

Reebok Cotton + Corn Pastel


Reebok’s sustainable eco and vegan-friendly footwear line Cotton + Corn just dropped some pastel-colored kicks perfect for summer. Admittedly, the Cotton + Corn line, aside from having the worst f*cking name ever, isn’t the most exciting silhouette, but this pastel update is a much-needed change from the original Chalk colorway the shoes first released in last year.

Featuring a 100% cotton upper, recycled packaging and a corn-derived biobased sole made from Susterra propanediol — our favorite petroleum-free non-toxic biobased sole — the Reebok Cotton + Corn Pastels might not be the best sneaker for a night out bar-hopping. But for a midday summer hang out at a park? Come on, it doesn’t get more chill than this!

We’re digging all four colorways of the Cotton + Corn Pastel drop which is out now at a retail price of $90. Pick up a pair exclusively at Reebok’s online store.




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