SNX: Sneaker Drops You Might Have Missed Over The Holiday Weekend

END. Clothing

It’s a little puzzling to me why last week’s shoe offerings were so dismal compared to what came through in the short, SNX-less holiday week gone by. We just spent a lot of money on drinks, food to grill, and fireworks. You’d think the shoe brands would take this into account, but no, they want our cash and they just don’t care how many burger patties we had to buy to host an epic 4th of July bbq.

In some shoe related news, the internet the entire week freaking out about Kaepernick single-handedly canceling the Betsy Ross Air Max. Now, you’re entitled to feel however you want about that, but you have to admit, Kaepernick did us all a favor. That shoe was f*cking hideous and if you check some of competing sneaker “best-of” lists floating around on the internet, you’ll see other outlets gassing it up before it Kaep took his stand.

Point being: Stick to SNX. The curation is real. Anyway, here are the best sneakers that dropped last week and over the holiday, featuring the brand new Nike Air Max 270 React.