People Not Impressed With Apple’s New AirPods Are Already Venting Their Frustrations On Twitter

Apple released their highly anticipated specifications for the iPhone 7 today (you can read everything you need to know here), and as can be expected when these announcements come out, people have feelings. Very strong feelings. With this release, the biggest change to the iPhone is the removal of the headphone jack in favor for wireless earbuds, which we now know are called AirPods; and likewise, this seems to be the change that Apple aficionados are taking the most umbrage with, for a variety of reasons.

Our own Dan Seitz put together a case for the headphone jack last month shortly after the news was initially leaked, but now as thousands and thousands of users are coming to terms with the reality of wireless earbuds, the outrage and ridicule has started to make the rounds on Twitter — as it is wont to do in these type of situations. Not surprisingly, the biggest gripe so far seems to revolve around the fact that these things seem super easy to lose and super expensive to replace.

We rounded up some of the best reactions to Apple’s new AirPods, but feel free to leave your own complaints (or smug Android-using goads) in the comments.