Apple’s Employees Keep Running Into The Glass Walls Inside Its New Headquarters

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Apple has a giant pile of cash, and a bit of it went to their “spaceship” — a new corporate headquarters designed right down to the iPhone-like toilets. It is the corporate headquarters of the future. And, apparently, it is also ground zero for pratfalls, because Apple’s employees and visitors keep smacking into the glass walls.

Time recently covered Apple’s employee complaints that the glass walls are a problem. Since everybody is on their iPhones, and there’s no clear markers on the glass, collisions are all but inevitable. And if that weren’t enough, Apple is apparently unhappy with the jury-rigged solutions employees have come up with to not embarrass themselves in front of their coworkers:

Some staff started to stick Post-It notes on the glass doors to mark their presence. However, the notes were removed because they detracted from the building’s design, the people said. They asked not to be identified discussing anything related to Apple. Another person familiar with the situation said there are other markings to identify the glass.

To be fair, the solution is simple, to a degree: Put your iPhone away and observe your surroundings, or at least jack in some headphones and use an app designed to read your email back to you. But at the same time, it’s not like the problems of glass offices aren’t well known. Apple should treat this as a reminder that being good at one thing doesn’t mean you’re good at everything. But at least Apple employees can take solace in the fact that they’re not Amazon.

(via Time)

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