The Five Best Apps To Help You Lose Weight This Summer


We’ve already shown you the most useful apps for fitness this summer. But fitness is just one aspect of keeping up a healthy weight. Here are five apps that’ll help you keep your weight on an even keel this summer.


Part of the problem of using apps is keeping them all straight. Your step tracking app insists one thing, your calorie counter, another. Nudge puts it all in one place, so you can get a sense of where you’re at in terms of health at a glance, without having to swap out apps or lose the health data you’ve collected. And, of course, Nudge also offers a few tracking tools of its own, including a running thirty-day tracking tool so you can see your progress across the last month.


Many of us can be motivated to work out more and push ourselves further with intrinsic rewards such as flexing muscles and the rush of personal achievement. Some of us, though? We want to get paid. That’s Pact‘s raison d’etre. In Pact, you put some cash stakes behind working out more or eating better and then race to meet the goal. If you do, you get a little spending money. If you don’t, somebody else gets your cash. It’s a little dog-eat-dog, but hey, if somebody were offering you cash to make that extra push, wouldn’t you go for the gold (ahem, dollar dollar bills)?


The main problem with nutrition is that most of us haven’t learned anything about it since we were taught the food pyramid back in grade school. Fooducate aims to solve that by giving you deep, detailed looks at what, precisely, is in your food. It also offers easy to use letter grades and food alternatives that help you make healthier decisions as you eat, learn what fills you up, and, over time, become more aware of what you’re putting in your body and how to make better choices.


One of the big chores of eating better is meal planning. You have to sit down with some cookbooks and an idea of your goals, which can, at times, be a monumental task. So Platejoy helps by asking you a few questions about your goals, your dietary preferences, and other factors in what you want to eat, and then gives you customized meal plans to work from. If you’re short on cookbooks, or simply don’t know where to start, this app will help. Whether you need kid-friendly food or want to experiment with vegetarian food, Platejoy has your bases covered. That said, it’s a subscription deal; you’ll pay $60 for six months of plans or $89 for a full year.


If you want to be healthy, eating out can be a complete nightmare. Even grabbing a salad can be a more complicated endeavor than eating a pile of leaves should be. HealthyOut makes it easy by letting you punch in what you’re looking for in a meal (and what you’re not) and hitting you back with something you can easily fit into your diet.

Any great apps you use to keep your weight on an even keel? Tell us in the comments!