Ranking The Best Fitness Apps To Help You Keep Your Resolutions


Many, many of us are hitting the gym this January as part of our resolutions. But can we stick with it? Yes, you can… with the right app.

We rank the five apps that’ll help keep you on track, or get you going, so you feel better this year.

1: Freeletics Bodyweight

The ultimate “no excuses” app, Freeletics Bodyweight hits all the key checkpoints. It’s bodyweight exercises, so you don’t need any equipment. It’s designed with small spaces in mind, so a clean floor is all you need. And it has you take a fitness test before you start, so you can set your goals accordingly. If you just want to start, right now, no excuses, this app is perfect.

2: Sworkit

If you want to mix and match your workouts, Sworkit mixes and matches cardio, yoga, and other exercises in a way that makes sense and keeps things varied. It ensures you’re challenged and that you never get bored.

3: Runkeeper

One of the most popular running apps out there, Runkeeper is a combination fitness tracker and motivator. Once you download it, it’ll track all your movement, not just your run, so you can get a good idea of your baseline. Once that’s in place, it motivates you gently to keep adding to it, whether adding another minute to your run or another flight of stairs to your walk to work. As a bonus, its social features can cater to the supportive cheerleader or the competitor inside you, depending on what you need to cross that finish line.

4: Jefit

If you’re getting started with weightlifting, it can be an intimidating process, and keeping track of what you did can be a problem. Fortunately, Jefit is your handy notebook and motivator designed for beginners and pros alike. You’ll track sets and reps, design a program, and share your results as you form a consistent schedule and figure out your rest days and workout days.

5: Pocket Yoga

Yoga is a great way to exercise, but getting a sense of it as a form of workout can be tricky. So let Pocket Yoga help you out by showing you the different poses and assembling them into a flowing routine that will adapt to your level and let you push yourself at your own pace.

What apps do you use to stay in shape? Let us know in the comments!