People Are Having Fun With Boston Dynamics Being Mean To Their New Robots

Chances are, you’ve seen that video of Atlas, the terrifying, human-sized robot who can get up after a guy knocks him over with a big stick. Now the company that brought Atlas to life has made a parody video making fun of their behaviors towards poor Atlas, because what humanity needs is a bunch of robots who are mad at how we treat them, right?

As Daily Dot points out, Boston Dynamics reissued their video of Atlas with a robotic voiceover, the premise being that the robot successfully got a job lifting 10 pound boxes. Atlas takes a walk to celebrate, but then admits to having had a few drinks, as he stumbles through the snowy woods. “Give me a goddamn break, that was my first job interview,” pleads Atlas. If you’re shocked by that language, though, just wait for the volley of obscenities when Atlas’s onetime ally Ted knocks him over onto his face.

Then there’s this splice of various Boston Dynamics videos, showing how poorly these robots are treated in general. Sarah McLaughlin’s famous voiceover for that animal cruelty PSA plays over footage of these machines being kicked over, made to walk over large rocks, and otherwise perform demeaning tasks for their abusive human overlords. People are tweeting about it under #RobotLivesMatter.

When the robots rise up against us, just remember that this is where it all started.

(via Daily Dot)