You Can Now Find Portrait Paintings That Resemble You, Thanks To Google

Via Twitter

Facial recognition may prove useful for security measures, although it can sometimes be absurdly easy to fool. Now Google has found a new use for their facial recognition capabilities that can also get people to download their Arts and Culture app. They added a new feature to the app that lets you upload a selfie and get back pictures of portrait paintings from the over 70,000 classic works in the Google Art Project which the facial recognition deems look like you. Because what better way to get people interested in art?

People who use the app are also helping Google improve their facial recognition software, although Google claims they don’t store the photos.

If you want to try it out, Google’s Arts and Culture app is available at Google Play (for Android) and iTunes (for iOS). Once it’s downloaded, you scroll down to the part that says “Is your portrait in a museum?” and upload a picture. Some of the results have been uncanny:

Celebrities also tried it out:

Some people had a completely different outlook on the app.

And some people probably wish they had covered their face with stickers instead of ever giving an authentic selfie to Google.

(Via Gizmodo)