How Facial Recognition Can Make A More Secure Digital World

Features Writer
05.26.17 2 Comments


When’s the last time you couldn’t remember your online banking password? The flurry of emails, texts, and two-step verifications probably comes to mind. It’s a process so frustrating it can leave a person questioning the overall convenience of online banking. Not to mention that passwords themselves are becoming increasingly unreliable, whether you remember them or not.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Debit cards are proving more and more vulnerable. The (relatively) recent technology of fingerprint identification is undependable at best and laughably inept at worst. Not to mention that your information could simply be stolen thanks to widespread malware.

Obviously, the digital world isn’t going to dismantle itself while we revert back to an era of cash-and-carry, but there is one form of technology that’s standing out to as a solution: facial recognition. While the technology itself has been around for some time to varying degrees, it’s primary use has been with criminal databases. However, innovative thinking is showing that facial recognition software could be the defining safety net between us and a digital heist.

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